Richard, Cleaning Supervisor, Debenhams UK

Working with Grosvenor has been a pleasure, as they offer full training and the management team are supportive and understanding.

When I first started working for Grosvenor I was given the opportunity to work hard and be recognised for it, which has lead to my role changing from Cleaning Operative to Supervisor.

What I enjoy about working for Grosvenor is the professional attitude of the company.

Colin, Business Development Manager, Ireland

My role as Business Development Manager is primarily focused with bringing new business into the company along with maintaining and managing some of our existing clients. As a family run company working for Grosvenor is really a team effort with close relationships between all departments. This ensures all of our clients and potential clients can get a tailored long-term solution to their outsourcing needs. 

Mizanur, Operative Cleaner, Westfield UK

According to me, it is amazing to work under their management. Specially people from the management are very friendly and maintain their communication all the time. They welcome the people who are dedicated and show the skills through the activities. Team working is one of the key of this company. They also care about health and safety issues to sum up. I can suggest whoever wants, can join us and share their skills. 

Lisa, Customer Care Center, Head Office Dublin

Every day is different. I work in a very busy department that involves direct involvement with our clients and Grosvenor staff. It can be very challenging at times, however very rewarding when you receive positive feedback from clients!

Daniel, Area Manager, Cork

I like to be on the road and have the ability to meet clients and staff. It is my task to ensure that the day-to-day operations of each contract are being managed. I am responsible for driving quality across the contracts and for the hiring and training of staff. This also includes dealing with disciplinary procedures for staff if they arise and ensure holidays/ sickness cover is organised. I also assist the business in other areas as required.

I like that I can always count on the help of my colleagues in Cork and in Dublin of course. It looks like this company operates like one big family.

Andre, Site Supervisor, Debenhams UK

When I started with Grosvenor Services I had a little experience in the role of Charge Hand I applied for. My exact word in the in the interview were, “I have not much experience in that role but I am willing to try”. After accepting the challenge, it has its up and downs, but with the support of my Site Manager, I grew more confident, more willing and committed to strive for better. A few years on and I find myself in charge of Manchester Trafford Centre Debenhams Cleaning Department, where I am presently working. It’s a bigger store, with a bigger cleaning team than I had supervised before. So, to me this is a big achievement looking back at where I started from.

Working for Grosvenor to me, is one of the best choices I have made. With the full help and support I have received from my Operations and Area Managers within the company has helped boost my effort to gain the experience I need to continue to be a better Site Manager and a better person.

In a nut shell Grosvenor have paved the way for me to a better and brighter future with in the company and beyond. 

Lar, HR Administrator, Head Office Dublin

Working at Grosvenor is challenging, every day is a little bit different and very exciting. We have a very talented and supportive team in HR which makes all the difference. What I enjoy most about working in Grosvenor is the level of responsibility and trust I am given, and the constant development of my role. I am afforded lots of opportunities to learn and grow in the role, which is very important to me. 

Rachid, Delivery, Westfield UK

I started to work with Grosvenor because I heard about the good services and how they treat the staff. The managers from this company are very good and respectful. I did change my role from cleaning to delivery. It was so helpful to understand how the business operates and I do learn a lot. 

Debbie, Site Supervisor, Debenhams UK

I started with Grosvenor to progress my career to supervisor and I have learned a lot from my managers in the past few years. Both my area manager and account manager are always there to help in any situation, if it is work related or personal. They are a great support.

My day as supervisor is varied from cleaning to paper work, to dealing with the customer. I have a close hardworking team. If there are any problems they come to me and vice versa. We deal them together i.e. wages, sickness, holidays and standards.

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