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National University of Ireland Maynooth is a 100 acre site spread over two campuses; one traditional campus dating from 1795 and one modern campus encompassing a sports complex and several leading institutes of research. It is a large, varied and challenging site to manage. For over 10 years Grosvenor Services have developed a very special partnership with Maynooth University by working together to overcome the challenges faced by Ireland’s fastest growing university.

In 2003 Maynooth University took the step to move from in house cleaning and awarded the contract to Grosvenor Services. There were initial issues, not uncommon with such a major change but we worked hard to fix them and neither Grosvenor nor Maynooth University have looked back since. Our onsite management team have a very close relationship with the team at Maynooth University and are totally dedicated to achieving Maynooth University’s goals as well as maintaining and setting standards.

Communication is the key the success of any contract and this is especially true in this case. We have very strong two way communication channels at Maynooth University. Our teamwork approach allows us to learn from each other to ensure that we are providing the best service possible to our client. This was most notable when Maynooth University chose to undertake the Greener Campus Initiative - an environmental program which many public bodies are involved in. Having had experience in the implementation of greener facilities management programs we were able to guide the Maynooth University team.

Based on the expertise we have built up we  shared with them best practice and suggested and introduced major changes to make Maynooth University a greener site and roll out green policies for their whole campus. We continue to develop this and our most recent initiative is the introduction of a totally electric environmentally friendly vehicle to manage the recycling on site.

We are delighted to have such a strong partnership with the team at Maynooth University and we look forward to working with Maynooth University in the future and know that our people will continue to work with their people to make a real difference to the campus.

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