We provide dedicated and responsive management teams to ensure that your campus is maintained to the same high standard throughout the changing academic year. Our employees are trained to be responsive to any incidents, avoiding disruption and minimizing the risks to your staff, visitors and students.

We are familiar with the most challenging issues being faced by facility managers in the education sector and are experienced in:

  • Scaling up and down services to adapt to academic calendars
  • Offering campus wide supervision and support
  • Working in partnership to improve accountability and efficiencies
  • Improving and maintaining Health and Safety standards

We currently deliver our service to schools, institutes and universities all over the state of Florida, so we understand the challenges of an ever changing academic calendar. This experience means that we are experts in servicing multi-building campuses and are adept at scaling up and down our services to suit the academic year. We take a proactive approach to our cleaning, anticipating issues and taking pre-emptive measures to ensure your campus is consistently maintained at the highest standard. 

In addition, we use customized mobile auditing software which supports your management of the contract and improves communication through regular reports and access to real time information. The software is tailored to your campus to ensure that the cleaning specification is maintained and audited to an exceptionally high standard, while also reducing paper usage.

Cleaning Testimonials

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Cleaning Case Studies

  • Maynooth University

    Maynooth University is a 100 acre site spread over two campuses; one traditional campus dating from 1795 and one modern campus encompassing a sports complex and several leading institutes of research. It is a large, varied and challenging site to manage. For over 10 years Grosvenor Services have developed a very special partnership with Maynooth University...
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral

    Established in 1191 and receiving over 380,000 visitors a year St Patricks Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland is major visitor attraction and still an active centre for worship with daily choral services. As a Dublin landmark with an incredible cultural and religious legacy St Patricks Cathedral is truly a national treasure...
All cleaning case studies

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