Grosvenor Building Services Leverages 2014 Trend to Outsource Cleaning Services in Campus Environments

by Grosvenor Services | Sep 26, 2014

Grosvenor Building Services, the first building services provider in Florida to have achieved CIMS-certification and deliver green and sustainable cleaning programs, announces its increasing market-share in addressing university campus building needs.

Grosvenor Services is leveraging the growing trend for campus facilities managers to outsource cleaning services to professional service companies in order to attain higher quality, better value, and to lower costs associated with in-house alternatives.  The trend is being driven by the need for knowledgeable management of mandatory cleanliness standards, the ability for outside services to deliver economies of scale in investments for equipment and supplies and opportunities for significant and proven budget savings.  

“Facilities managers are increasingly challenged to meet strict requirements for ensuring their campus buildings are clean and sanitary,” said Rita McCauley, CEO of Grosvenor Building Services, Inc.  “We know that a clean environment impacts air quality but now a study by the Center for Facilities Research at APPA, shows a direct correlation between cleanliness and a student’s level of academic achievement.  Of the 1,500 students polled in the study, 84 percent indicated that spotlessness or tidiness was desired to create an optimal learning environment.

Grosvenor Building Services has been delivering quality cleaning services to Florida colleges for more than 10 years, including to Pasco Hernando College, satellite facilities for Valencia College and Palm Beach College to name a few.  Each of these institutions switched from in-house cleaners to outsourcing, according to McCauley.  As industry and government standards became more stringent, including the adoption of green standards, and budgets got tighter, facilities managers realized that they derived better value and service using outside expertise.

 “Campus facilities managers face unique challenges in managing cleaning services, not only in meeting regulatory requirements, but also in managing staff and making investments in equipment and supplies.  Experts can bring a pro-active approach to these challenges by providing professional staff, the latest methodologies and eliminating the burden of investment in equipment and supplies,” said Jon Clontz, general manager for Grosvenor Building Services.  “Our customers have generally realized approximately 25-40 percent reduction in their costs overall. “Reduced costs are generally the result of a combination of reduced labor and equipment investments.  An outside contractor’s professional staff can deliver a strategic plan to scale for the academic year as well as to meet cleanliness standards for the great diversity of buildings on campus, such as labs, clinics and day care facilities, classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries.” 

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