Grosvenor Building Services Awarded Custodial Contract by the Florida Department of Management Services

by Grosvenor Services | Dec 18, 2014

Manages Cleaning Services for Four Million Square Feet of State Office Space

Grosvenor Building Services, one of the first building services providers in Florida to have achieved CIMS-certification and to deliver green and sustainable cleaning programs, has announced that it was recently awarded a $4.5 million contract by the Florida Department of Management Services. The five-year contract calls for Grosvenor Building Services to provide custodial services for various state-owned facilities in both North and South Florida.

The company, responding to a Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) Invitation to Negotiate (ITN), was evaluated based on company qualifications, approach to the project and pricing.  Initially providing services to DMS Region 3, Grosvenor Building Services has expanded its coverage in other regions of the state, including Region 2 (Tallahassee) and Region 5 (South Florida). The agreement also provides the possibility of a five-year renewal. Currently Grosvenor cleans more than 4 million square feet of DMS-managed facilities on a daily basis.

DMS is also in the process of evaluating this contract for approval as an alternate contract source, which would allow other agencies to “piggy back” on this agreement.

“While this is a significant business win for Grosvenor Building Services, it is also an opportunity for us to participate in a project that brings considerable efficiencies to the State,” said Rita McCauley, Grosvenor Building Services CEO.  “As a CIMS-certified green cleaning services provider, we are able to demonstrate, through the use of eco-friendly products and techniques, the advantages that this approach brings to the people who work and visit these government buildings.  Grosvenor’s ability to successfully support large, geographically dispersed environments while complying with the high levels of competence required makes our services a great fit for this assignment.”

As a family-owned cleaning services provider, Grosvenor Building Services delivers green cleaning and eco-friendly techniques to hundreds of thousands of square feet of large complexes including government buildings, transportation terminals and college and school campuses.  Grosvenor’s Startup Plan and Phase-In-Schedule is applied to each unique environment to create a smooth transition and minimize disruption during start up and beyond, particularly when dealing with multiple buildings spanning large geographic areas. 


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